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December 20, 2009 Sham Music

Bollywood has made its unique place in the entertainment industry and bollywood songs make it unique. Its contribution to the entertainment world is immense. Here, all kind of music is produced and for all kind of peoples’ taste. The most interesting thing is that many film did good business just because of good music, like : Rangeela, Ashiqi, race etc. For publicity, music is released before the movie release. Music attracts the audience to watch the movie.

Hindi movie songs is the most popular and profitable music industry. It is so big that anyone who wants to this show his talent, he can never find any other better platform better that bollywood. Earlier, Bollywood music was restricted to the script but now with the arrival of new composers and singer, bollywood is coming up with new and innovation songs. Bollywood songs are popular from north to south. Everyone is fond of the songs created in bollywood.

Not only new songs but the old songs are remixed and re-launched in the market. This is done for the monetary gains. Some people many not like the idea of remix but it is still becoming popular and the demand for them is increasing as well as download movies. This helps the music companies to make huge money.

Bollywood music consist all kind of music: ghazal, Romantic, Sad, patriotic, devotional music, qawali etc.

Bollywood singers are not only as popular as bollywood actors but enjoy the same status and paparazzi .

Singers like lata mangeshker, Kishore kumar are worshipped in the bollwood industry and have fans worldwide.

Some of the new music composers are :
– Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy
– Jatin Lalit
– Himesh Reshammiya
– Aadesh Srivastav
– Ismail Darbar
– Anu Malik

In Bollywood a movie cannot work without music. Music is like heart of the film. Jaikishan, Naushad, SD Burman, OP Nayyar, Kalyanji Anandji and Khaiyyam are the great music composers who brought the golden period of music industry from 1950 – 1960. The truth is that entertainment industry is incomplete without bollywood music.

During Weddings, parties, festivals everywhere you hear the bollywood music loudly running and cannot do without it. Everything becomes so boring without the Bollywood music.

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