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January 5, 2010 Sham Learn Music

Carnatic music is very complicated music but if you have passion and dedication you can learn it through rigorous training from any reputed Carnatic classes; and from extremely talented guru.

Carnatic music is based on “swara”. If you want to earn Carnatic music, you should train yourself with the voice training called “varishas”. This helps the students to control particular raga which will help them to learn Carnatic music.

There are three types of varishas :
–  Sarali varisha
–  Janta Varisha
–  Madhyastayi & Tarasthai Varishas

Carnatic music classes teaches varisais , alnakaras, simple songs and swarajathis. It not possible to learn Carnatic music in small period, it takes years to learn Carnatic music. People devote their whole life in mastering this skill. Many learning texts and exercises are available but its always better to learn form guru rather than trying your own. Normally Carnatic music is taught in the guru Kula system.

In guru Kula system, students live there and learn the art from their guru. But the changing time and lifestyle, many Carnatic classes has emerged up where students are taught with modern techniques which makes it easy for the student to learn the music easily but be careful Carnatic music is never so easy to learn.

Gurus or musicians take immense pride in teaching the Carnatic music but then in return you should be dedicated towards your lessons and regular in your classes. Some of the musical classes have very prominent musicians who have set benchmark for the new comers. So find out the best class for you and learn from the best gurus. With the emergence of new technologies, new techniques and new methods have developed to make the learning interesting and easy for you.

In music classes you get ample opportunity to learn face-to face from legends and experienced gurus. If you have any query , you can ask the doubts in the class and this makes more easy for you to get the more clear idea about the Carnatic music.

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