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December 16, 2009 Sham Music

Kananda music is amalgamation of the culture and talent. The other name of kannada music is Carnatic music. Oral tradition is the beauty of kannada music and each song has different meanings. The music is blended with different ragas and evokes different emotions and numerous state of mind. Since the vedic period, Kannada music is deeply connected with Hinduism.

Personalites like Sripadaraya, Kanakadasa and Purandaradasa are responsiblile for developing and popularizing kannada music. Infact Purandaradasa is known as father of Karnataka classical music. Millions of kannada people are die hard fan of the music composed by these legendaries.

Kannada music stands for both Hindustani as well as Carnatic music. Many yesteryears’ composers have contributed a lot in making kannada music more refined and evolved.

Some of the great composer who contributed in the progress of kannada music are Vijaya Dasa and Jagannathadasa, Muthiah Bhagavatar, Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar, Mysore Vasudevaraya, Veene Sheshanna, Bidaram Krishnappa, Veene Subbanna and Bhairavi Kempegowda.

Some famous name of Hindustani musicians are Basavraj Rajguru, Mallikarjun Mansoor, Gangubai Hanagal, Bhimsen Joshi, Havaldar and Nagarajarao.

In making Kananda music famous kananda movies played a very important role. One can find all kinds music in the kannada movies like Carnatic, folk, devotional songs etc. Kanada music has given exposure to all kinds of music in the movies.

M.Ranga Rao, Rajan-Nagendra, Vijaya Bhaskar, G.K.Venkatesh and T.G. Lingappa are some of the prominent names among famous kananda music composers. Kannada music is a combination of melody and modern elements that gives soothing effect to your mind.

One can easily find the influence of western hip- hop rock culture on the kananda music. Latest music albums are hitting the most popular music count down and got astonishing sales record and can easily downloaded from the internet resource.

Electronic tambura, violin, mridangam, veena, kanjira, flute and ghatam are the instrument used in the kannada music for sound and are mind blowing.

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