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December 24, 2009 Sham Music

Music sheet represent auditory musical on a paper in symbols basically, it is a sheet representing audio presentation.

However , in the recent years due to computer becoming more popular owing to its more convenient and time saving quality , computer screens are also used to represent musical notation. Print publication of music is released in film, in the form of album or any special occasion of music involvement.

Other term used for music sheet is Score. Music sheets are very helpful to record, to perform or to guide the piece of music. Music sheets are very useful in creating or understanding the music which you might not get the clear idea just by listening. Only by understanding the musical information through written sketches, an authoritative musical piece can be obtained. Early versions of compositions and the final compositions help the composer to come out with the satisfactory musical piece.

Special form of literacy is required to understand the music sheet. This helps to read the musical notation; tut that does not mean that if you are not able to read or write music sheet, you can not compose music. After all it is an inborn art or a god gift which only some people possess. There are many composers who produced excellent music in printed form without the ability of reading and writing musical notation.

Sight reading is a skill of a musician whether he is veteran or amateur who can perform or play the music piece just by reading the written music sheet first time. It is the skill of the musician to imagine the full music composition in mind before even started working on it literally.

These music sheets have different formats. If the piece composed is written for one person it is one piece of music sheet. If it is written for more persons then each person will have separate piece of music sheet.

It is called as a part of the main music sheet which every performer has to perform which he or she has to perform.

+ Scores come in various sizes
+ Full score is a full size book
+ Miniature book is of much reduced size
+ A study score is almost of miniature score but sometimes of octavo size.
+ Piano Score : literal transcription for piano etc

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