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December 21, 2009 Sham Music

Pop Music is light, lively and catchy form of music. It’s a watered -down version of rock and roll. It was born in 1679 in Napoli, Italy. It is a strong combination of rhythm and melody. Owing to its emphasis on romantic love, it is more appealing to the teenagers.

Pop music is short form of popular music. It is the record of sales that the work received makes the music popular and widely accepted. It is flexible music that is constantly changing and popular in a particular period of time. One can easily identify pop music because it occupies top place in music countdown shows and attracts largest concert audiences and most often heard on radio.

Pop music, Infact, evolved out of rock and roll and occupied more describable path. Its basic element is rooted in rock n roll. Pop music consist verse and repeated chorus. The length of a song is 2 ½ minutes to 5 ½ minutes. As said above, pop music is very flexible music and is influenced by different music styles like rock and roll, disco, punk etc.

There is music in the pop category also called pure pop or power pop. The length of song is not more than 3 ½ minutes. Instruments used in the music are electric guitar, bass and drums and makes a strong combination of catchy chorus and hook.

Indian pop music is also known as “Indi pop” or “Hindi pop” music. It is a mixture of Indian folk and Indian classical music and amalgamation of modern beats. Indian film industry dominates the pop music in India but in the 1990s few singers like usha uthup , Peenaz Masani , Baba shegal. Alisha chinoi and colonial cousins, Sunitha rao created niche in the pop music.

Indian pop music has influenced the American pop music. Movies like Moulin Rouge has Indian pop music in it. Alka yagnik ‘s song chamma chamma has been featured in one of the Hollywood movie: “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”.

Remixing is very popular in India. Old Hindi movies songs are reintroduced with modern beats. Remix songs are liked and appreciated by the Indian audiences.

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