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December 17, 2009 Sham Music

Punjabi music is known as one of the most livelily music; we have in the world. Its popular music is the electrifying music of Bhangra, folk dance. One can clearly find the influence of Punjabi music on most of the Bollywood songs. It has diverse style which is highly rhythmic.

Punjabi music is appreciated and loved all over the country. One cannot stop his feet form twisting on hearing the Punjabi music. The beats and lyrics are so catchy and enticing that you keep humming the lines of the song. Punjabi music can make you dance, cry or happy. It is enriched with new tunes and beats of foreign music.

Punjabi music has great power of attracting people with its tremendous music beats. Punjabi singers are very hard working and constantly compose something breath taking music that touches your soul and heart deeply.

The dhol is one of most famous instrument used in Punjabi folk dances. And it has the amazing power of drawing people to the dance floor. It is king of Punjabi music instrument and no dance is complete without dhol.

Punjabi music has huge fan following and captivated large number of fans not only in Punjab but across the world. Many hit movies in the Bollywood have incorporated Punjabi numbers like Sing is king,jab we met etc. some of the famous Punjabi singers are Labh Janjua, Harpal Singh, babu man singh, Jazzy b. The popularity of Punjabi music is growing day by day and influencing the Indian cinema.

You must be surprised by the fact that there are even ghazals, romantic songs in Punjabi and charm is growing even in the non -punjabi community. And this has helped a lot to the local Punjabi singers to get the opportunity on the bigger platform and also the local instruments are getting more popularity.

Punjab is the most happening place and you can find talented singers, composer, and filmmakers here. With the bollywood exposure, it’s marking its place on the wider market and large population. Now it is not just confined to Punjab but has fans all over the world. Punjabi songs are easily down loadable from internet; remixes are also finding its way on the popular chart busters.

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