Significance of Studying Music in School

July 2, 2010 Sham Music Schools in Mumbai

Music is very significant and essentially must be studied in schools. There are many reasons why music must be treated as other subjects studied by students in schools.

First of all studying music encourages a student to open up and communicate effectively. This is because music is about expressing oneself. In order to achieve this, one automatically communicates with other colleagues.

It also results in team work. This is because even in singing there are the altos, sopranos, tenors and basses. An individual cannot sing all of these parts. There are different people who are capable of doing this and by so doing team work and coordination are encouraged as the students sing to bring harmony. This subconsciously creates strong bonds of long lasting friendship and understanding.

Music helps the brain to develop faster and better than the normal child who grows up without music. Music is all about mathematics; therefore if a child is capable of writing music, then mathematically the child will be intelligent.

In the Science area reasoning is important and music does exactly that. It allows the child to reason effectively and by so doing improves their grades in school.

Another area that music supports is reading .with reading concentration is required as well as noticing small detail and reading between the lines. All of these can be achieved through music.

With these accomplished in your child’s educational life, many may praise your child as being naturally smart but it is not necessarily that. Rather it is the power of music in their lives.

With music, one can relate with people of different cultures and backgrounds without difficulty. Music holds a lot of meaning. It educates the student on different cultures and the beliefs of mankind.The importance of music must not be ignored it is very relevant in a child’s development and it is an investment in a child’s life so that it gives the child direction in school and after their schooling years.

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