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December 23, 2009 Sham Music

Vocal music is produced with or without instrumental accessory. It is performed by one or more singers. Learning Vocal music is not difficult if learned through right techniques from a veteran vocal coach.

How to breathe properly during the vocal singing is the essence of learning vocal music. It plays an important part in voice projection. Lungs and diaphragm are two main body organs used for breathing.

While singing vocal, one should use diaphragm for breathing as it the responsible for powerful voice generation. During exhalation diaphragm is in its convex position. Diaphragm moves downward when you breathe in and make room for your lungs to take the air in. Inhalation can be controlled only this way.

The lower abdominal muscles also helps in producing powerful voice but these muscles should be in resting position when you are breathing in.

Simple breathing exercises helps to improve the voice quality and power.

If you breathe in through nose and exhale through mouth the lower abdominal muscles expand; and contract as you blow out .Put your right or left palm on your stomach and feel the expansion and contraction of the lower abdominal muscles.

Practice this inhaling and exhaling exercise for one minute. Never forget to take rest in between and always drink water in the breaks. Repeat this exercise after every one minute rest. Slowly increase the duration up to 5 minutes.

Breathing helps in sustainability of your voice and as said above makes it more powerful. Right approach to breathing helps in improving voice quality.

Another exercise is blowing the candle. Take the air in through nose and exhale the airflow slowly and blow the candle at controlled pressure but don’t blow off the light completely till air runs out. Repeat the exercise but do not overdo it. Always take rest and drink water during the rest.

Many books on method of enhancing voice are available. And music courses are available. One can join it but choose the right teacher who can teach with right vocal techniques.

Listen the vocal masters and try to catch the right techniques. Many music CDs are free downloadable from the net.

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